Inspired by Stevie

Your graciousness is what carries you. What it is, is what comes out
of your heart. If you are gracious, you have won the game.

– Stevie Nicks


I’d like to share a new charm necklace inspired by this magical woman. I’ve always admired Stevie Nicks because she is independent, free-thinking, creative, and spirited…qualities I find inside myself and feel drawn to in female role models.

In March, I was looking through images of Stevie because I love her style and one picture in particular caught my eye. She was wearing a moon and star necklace. I immediately knew I had to Elisa-fy the necklace! I carved a connected moon and star shape and decided it must have my signature personalization offerings. In a sample, I set the moon with my son’s birthstone, alexandrite, and the star with my daughter’s birthstone, ruby. Their names were hand-engraved in the respective shapes. And with that, the Moon and Star Charm Necklace was born!

This necklace is very unique given the many ways to customize it. There is also a very nice weighty feel to the pendant. Due to the weight, I hang it from a slightly heavier chain than I use in most of my jewelry.

I hope you love this new design as much as I do. It evokes Stevie, and even more importantly, honors the guiding moon and star in my life, my kids.

Peace and love,