For Mama

She gave me words of love
She gave me peace and love
She gave me thoughts of love
Well, well, well, yeah.

– Earth, Wind, and Fire


Earth, Wind, and Fire sang it right. As mama, my role is to bring peace and love to my babes, just as my mama has always brought to me.

Every year for Mother’s Day, I make my mama a special jewel. This year, I carved a flower with a centerpiece of her favorite gem, paraiba tourmaline! The Brazilian stone has a magnificent fluorescent blue hue that makes it very unique. The paraiba is surrounded by white diamond “petals.” On each side of the flower I carved a “leaf” set with a marquis alexandrite, which is my mom’s June birthstone. The “stem,” aka the shank of the ring, is set with my mom’s children and grandchildren’s birthstones (and includes the doggies) in a rainbow pattern that includes alexandrite, peridot, citrine, and ruby! I love working on one of a kind, custom jewelry and it’s always special creating a piece for my mom!

Motherhood is endlessly inspiring to me in my work. It means the world and touches my heart that each week, so many of the jewels I make are personalized to honor the deep love felt between mother and child. Thank you for including me on your journey and I hope the jewels bring you so much joy. I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day!

Peace and love,