About Elisa Solomon

Elisa Solomon Jewelry

Elisa has possessed a love of jewelry and creative expression since childhood. At the University of Michigan, she majored in metalsmithing with a focus on jewelry, and created her first formal collection in 2004. Her goal was to create pieces to be worn daily, since she believes strongly in the personal, emotional tie to a piece of jewelry.

Whether it is a pendant gifted from mother to daughter or a diamond engagement ring, a design should always be worn. Several of her designs reflect the pure belief in love, freedom, and kindness of the 60s. Many symbols of the decade, such as peace signs, daisies, feathers, and butterflies, are incorporated into Elisa’s work. She believes these symbols are a subtle reminder of what is important to focus on in daily life. In her mind, great jewelry is not only beautiful, but it also evokes feeling.

Elisa creates her jewelry in New York City, where the abundance of culture inspires her, and in New Jersey, where she lives and has her studio!