• perfect boho bracelets Perfect Boho Bracelets

    Hi! Hope you're having a beautiful June! Summer is around the corner! I love piling my wrists with my super colorful beaded bracelets during this warm season! My mom and I make a few new styles every year. We also take custom orders if there is a color story you love! Some of the most [...] Continue Reading
  • Happy Mother's Day Mamas Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!

    Hi! Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mamas out there. Whether your baby is human or animal, I hope you have an absolutely delightful day. I always plan something fun to celebrate this day with my mother and I always make her a special piece of jewelry. I can't wait to share the piece [...] Continue Reading
  • Goldmonth Jewelry #Goldmonth ElisaSolomon Jewelry Happy Gold Month

    Hi! Happy May 1! May is gold month! I have always loved gold jewelry, but I became obsessed with working in gold in 2001 while studying Jewelry and Metalsmithing at the University of Michigan. The traditional warm yellow hue is so beautiful against the skin and I also make my designs in pink and white [...] Continue Reading
  • Sweet Spring Raindrops

    Hi! I hope you're having a Happy April!  The flowers are blooming at our home and I love the red, pink, white, and purple flowers on all the trees and plants!  This week, there is a bit of rain to provide for our lush Spring surroundings.  I don't love being trapped indoors during the downpours, [...] Continue Reading
  • April Showers Bring Lots of ESJ Flowers!

    Hi! Happy April 1st! It's a little rainy, but hopefully the showers will make the flowers grow! Every year, I add floral themed jewels to my collection. I love reinventing the bloom in different diamond and gem-encrusted ways! One of the classic styles is the flower child series in my collection. These pieces come in [...] Continue Reading
  • National Dog Day Jewelry - Elisa Solomon Jewels To Celebrate Man’s (And Woman’s) Best Friend!

    Hi! Happy National Puppy Day! My collection has always been FILLED with pieces that show the incredible love I have for my dogs! They mean everything to me and are truly the most loyal, warm, loving companions. I spend so much time with Bear and Shiloh, but when I have to head out for work, [...] Continue Reading
  • Classic Circle Necklace Classic, Personal, Timeless

    Hi! It's been an exciting week! Professionally, I am thrilled because my jewelry is coming to The Gypsy Wagon in Dallas, Texas! I am working on a beautiful order and can't wait to announce when the jewelry hits this AWESOME boho boutique! On a personal note, I am very busy prepping for baby! I started [...] Continue Reading
  • Spring Jewelry Seedling Stud Earrings A Preview Of Spring With My Seedling Studs!

    Hi! I can't believe the beautiful East Coast weather we are having this March (except for today)! It's been so sunny that the flower blooms are slowly starting to peek out in our yard! They remind me of my Seedling collection, which I designed to celebrate the tiny buds that appear every Spring. The seedling [...] Continue Reading
  • Lucky Jewels - Clover Ring & Necklace - Elisa Solomon Lucky Jewels ?

    Hi! Happy March!  This month always reminds me of lucky clovers.  They are fun to find in the backyard and even better in precious metal!  My lucky clover ring and necklace feature a beautiful mix of green hues including emerald, tsavorite, alexandrite, and peridot.  I also created a special ring with Danielle of Gem Gossip [...] Continue Reading
  • Bohemian Music Playlist - Guitar Pick Necklace MY MUSIC COLLECTION AND BOHO BABY PLAYLIST!

    Hi! I am a huge music fan and my music collection is one of my favorites! I channel my inner rock star wearing the 18 karat yellow gold and sterling silver guitar pick necklaces! I also love wearing the 18 karat yellow gold microphone ring on my index finger! During the second trimester of pregnancy, [...] Continue Reading