Welcoming Layla Meadow


As many of you know, I welcomed my daughter Layla Meadow Kaplicer on July 15. Baby girl is two months old today! Layla is a happy baby girl with a huge smile like her mama. It’s a dream come true to have a daughter/mini me. Big brothers Bear and Asher absolutely adore their sister. Bear loves laying right by Layla and is so attentive to her. Ash loves kissing her cheek and burping her (with mama)! Watching my babies bond has been a beautiful, awesome, and joy-inducing experience.

My mama collection has vastly expanded through my motherhood journey. I made a selection of meaningful new jewels to mark Bear’s homecoming, then Asher’s arrival, and now Layla’s birth! Some of my new favorites are…

My custom LAYLA ring in platinum with tiny white diamonds set into each letter and the shank! I wear this ring with my wedding band and similar ASHER ring on my ring finger. It is precious to me and I love the classic diamonds combined with the funky handmade feel of my name carving.

My custom mini moon ring with mine and my kiddos’ birthstones. The custom mini moon necklace is one of my most popular jewels. As a ring girl, however, I wanted to take this design and make it for my hand! The result is super sweet. My mini moon ring is crafted in platinum and set with peridot (me), citrine (Bear), alexandrite (Asher), and ruby (Layla).

My custom skinny bar bracelet engraved with Layla’s name, birthdate, and a heart. It also features peridot and ruby. I now wear two of this style on my wrist, as I made one with Asher’s birth. I never take these bracelets off!

My custom teeny tiny heart bracelet with my family’s birthstones. This is a new style and I love the cute hearts! They’re so little! My 5 teeny tiny hearts are set with blue sapphire, peridot, citrine, alexandrite, and ruby.

My customized letter necklace with a B, A, and L. My A is set with multicolor blue gems and my L is set with multicolor pink gems. I’m digging blues for boy and pinks for girl. While I am an enlightened woman, I gravitate toward these classic boy/girl hues and love this tradition!

I adore these custom jewels! I admire them constantly throughout the day and I’m proud of the variety of customizable pieces on my website! These jewels represent a journey that fills me with delight and the purest love! Check out my Instagram @elisasolomon for lots of pics of my new motherhood-commemorating pieces!


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