Peace, Love, and Happiness Right Now


Mother’s Day was special and honestly one of the best days of my life. The day was filled with many simple pleasures: a yummy mocha in the morning (I never drink coffee so even decaf was super indulgent!), a special craft with my babies after breakfast (see the above image), a dried flower mani, a fun visit from my family in the sunshine, a bouquet of multicolor pink blooms, a sweet sign on our yard, a delicious bbq dinner, a yummy cake (Ash and I blew out the candle). It was a day of enjoying many things I love and it meant the world to me. I was on a real high all day.

During the current time we are living in, it can be hard to feel that kind of peace, love, and happiness every moment. Everyone has made changes and sacrifices in our daily lives. I’d like to share 10 thoughts on how to feel and preserve the peace, love, and happiness we so deserve.

  1. Wake up with intention. My focus is to make sure my kids feel joy. Today, Asher woke up saying “I need mama” and it reaffirms that I have to be strong for my kids.
  2. Nourish your body. Let’s face it- it’s fun making pizza and baking cookies! However, I honestly feel best eating gluten free, plant based (with fish and seafood), and dairy free. While I love my sweets and enjoy them often, I’m trying to bake treats that follow these principles. My mind is clearer and I feel my best.
  3. Move. Exercise brings on the happy feels. I believe it reprograms your brain! Indoors or outdoors, get your blood flowing, stretch, jump (toddlers really love to jump)!
  4. Seek out nature. The cool rain is refreshing, the warm sunshine is strengthening, the soft breeze is revitalizing. Walks around the neighborhood always make things feel lighter.
  5. Make time to indulge in something you find relaxing. Whether that’s crafting, reading, playing music, journaling, binging a show, tie dye-ing, these are all awesome options!
  6. Create new routines. Meeting family and friends outside, especially in this Spring weather, is incredibly fulfilling. I honestly sometimes forget everything going on during a play in the yard with Bear and Shiloh.
  7. Be gentle with yourself. Be true to yourself. It’s okay to feel sad some moments. Try to bring yourself back by refocusing on all there is to be grateful for in life.
  8. Don’t forget to laugh. I personally love a classic comedy. “This Is 40” always makes me LOL.  I also love a joke from my dad while we FaceTime. His laugh and mischievous smile make me very happy. Your whole body relaxes when you laugh!
  9. Try something new. My work is truly my passion and I’ve been carving and doing my usual work. I’ve also started to bead in new ways and while it remains to be seen if these beaded items will make it into my collection, I’m having fun learning a new skill! The knotting is meditative!
  10. Make sure to say I love you and express yourself to the ones you love. I don’t believe there is a person in this world who isn’t missing someone or something right now. Say I love you. Say I miss you. Say something to cheer someone up. I am telling you, it will make you feel good, too.

This time is unique but there are new memories to be made. Sometimes we have to rework our outlook. I hope and believe we can manifest a beautiful life during this time to look back on and smile about in the future.

Peace and love,