My favorite pieces are my diamond encrusted name rings. As you know, I am a ring girl. As a child, I loved stacking my mama’s rings from when she was little. I remember a gem encrusted ring, in particular, that we called the “princess ring.” My passion for rings continued as I grew up and certainly shows itself in the vast ring selection on my website. When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I needed something really spectacular to wear daily on my finger in his honor. I decided to carve his name. I wanted the letters to be classic looking with a slightly bohemian bubble letter look, reminiscent of my favorite rock and roll album covers from the Sixties. Since I planned to wear it daily, I decided strong platinum and white diamonds were the way to go. My brother picked up my finished ring from the jewelry district when I was in the hospital having Asher. He brought it to me and I put it on my finger holding my newborn baby boy. These rings had a beautiful birth and are very meaningful to me. When I was expecting Layla, I carved her name in the same precious style. Between my two babies, I also carved my mama a Meme ring, since that’s what my son calls her.

My name rings are special because each one is carved by me by hand. Every ring is one of a kind. With each new order, I grab my wax and tools and work. These rings take a few hours to carve and a meditative concentration. Love goes into each and every one. They are so special. Name jewelry is very popular now. It’s a trend I adore. I am especially proud of my name and letter jewels because of the care and craft that goes into every single piece.

Peace and love,