Happy Thanksgiving! Aside from birthdays, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love cooking recipe traditions with my mama, all the men watching sports (Ash included this year), Bear and Shiloh lounging wherever food’s being prepared, Austin carving the turkey, my dad singing to the kids, laughing with my brother at inside jokes, piling a heaping plate of my favorite foods, gingery pumpkin spice aromas…it’s all so cozy! Today is about sharing a special day with loved ones and reflecting on our gratitude. This year’s celebration is super special because Layla Meadow has joined our family! It is pure bliss to share the warm Thanksgiving vibes with my daughter. She is a true gift. I am so grateful to enjoy these holidays with my children.

Two years ago, the week of Asher’s first Thanksgiving, we experienced our first photoshoot with the brilliant Kelly Stuart. The photographs are some of my absolute favorites! I wanted to capture the same happy festivities with Layla. I loved her first Thanksgiving week shoot! Here’s a peek! I hope you have a dreamy holiday!

Peace and love,


PS- This is the busiest time of year for my business and I am grateful to be making all of your meaningful holiday gifts!

Photo credit:
Kelly Stuart