Love Them to the Moon and Back


Mothering a toddler, a baby, and a German Shepherd has made life very busy, exciting, and full of new experiences! I am incredibly grateful for my children and most of my time is spent caring for them. I want to savor their “littleness” since it goes by quickly! Even though my days are more packed than ever, I still have plenty of jewelry lust and I’ve taken time to create new jewels that honor the ones I love.

I’ve carved up some special surprises that I absolutely ADORE for the holiday season (which I hope to share very soon)! In the meantime, I wanted to share a jewel I’ve adored since Layla’s birth. My custom mini moon necklace is one of my most popular designs. I’ve always been a ring girl, so I decided to take this motif and make it into a ring! I wear it every day. My mini moon ring is set with gemstones to represent my children and me. The center stone is my birthstone peridot. Next to the peridot on either side are Bear, Asher, and Layla’s birthstones: citrine, alexandrite, and ruby. I wear it stacked with another favorite, my mama band, as well as my signet ring. I find the curve of the moon stacks really nicely with the curve of the signet ring! For those of you who love moons, rings, and customization as much as I do, this makes the perfect gift!