Our Sweet Shi’s Second Birthday!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Shiloh!  Not only is Shiloh adored by Bear, but she has embraced her “Auntie” role to Asher.  She loves to greet him, sit by him, sniff his nose, and check out his mouth after he’s eaten! A lot of people comment on how attentive Asher is, and I credit that to his watching Shiloh soar back in forth in my backyard since he was a couple weeks old.  His head literally moves left to right watching her run!

Shiloh has inspired many jewels, the first being my paw necklaces. The paws are available in platinum, yellow gold, pink gold, and sterling silver, plus they can be engraved with your precious pup’s name.  Another favorite Shiloh-inspired jewel is my 18 karat pink gold German Shepherd ring with rosecut, brown, and black diamonds.  It captures her perfectly!  I know there are many more jewels to come from the love and light this beauty projects every day.

Peace and love,