Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!  This year, celebrating is especially exciting because Asher is here!  It was amazing coordinating this year’s outfits!  We are channeling the JUSTICE LEAGUE! I am Catwoman, Austin is The Flash, Asher is Batman, Bear is Superman, and Shiloh is Wonder Woman!  I can’t imagine anything cuter than my little boy in his bat-suit and bat-socks that have little capes attached to the backs!

I love making jewelry because for me, wearing certain pieces is like playing dress up.  I throw on my large peace sign necklaces and I’m a hippie chick.  I toss on my guitar pick necklace and boom, it’s my inner rock star.  I layer on my thunderbird and bear necklaces and channel a Native American chief.  It is important to always nourish our imaginations.  I hope you have a safe and enjoyable day!  And because I’m a mama now…don’t eat too much candy! 😉

Peace and love,

Happy Halloween