Celebrating Gemini ♊️


It’s May 21 and that means it’s Gemini twinning time! In astrology, May 21-June 21 encompasses the Gemini zodiac sign. Gemini is an “air” sign and the symbol reflects a pair of twins.

This Gemini charm is available in 14 karat yellow, pink, or white gold, or platinum. Gemini is often associated with alexandrite, though you can select your favorite diamonds, gems, or meaningful birthstones to make the symbol extra special.

Gemini Charm Necklaces

The signs pictured above are set with alexandrite, white diamond blue ombre style gems (white diamond, aquamarine, apatite, and blue sapphire), and alexandrite with white diamonds. The model happens to be a Gemini, too! My hand carved zodiac charm is the perfect gift!

Peace and love,