5 New Charms!


I am thrilled to share the five new charms I’ve added to my collection! My charm collection is very meaningful to me. All of the symbols come from a deep place of inspiration. The charms began with the circle charm that was my push present for my son, Asher. The collection has grown to include letters, moons, hearts, zodiac signs, animals, and much more. When I carve a new charm, I choose symbols that inspire me in my daily life or feel deeply relevant in regard to what’s happening in the world. For the newest grouping, I carved an ID tablet, paw, German Shepherd, cross, and female symbol.

The ID tablet’s classic, clean shape is perfect for every day and destined to be a family heirloom.

The paw and German Shepherd came to be because my first baby, Bear Arrow, will be nine this month. Living life with a beloved pet is the quickest way to feel the preciousness of time.

The cross has been requested from many clients and it’s a timeless symbol of faith.

The female symbol holds a special place in my heart as the mother of a girl. Women wear many hats in this world and I hope to be an example of balance, strength, and kindness for my daughter.

Enjoy these new additions. I love hearing from you- let me know which is your favorite!

Peace and love,